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Kinship is important to Gamilaraay mathematician Jared Field. It has been essential for his survival in academia and is the topic of his current book project. Now a Research Fellow at the University of Melbourne, his interest in math came both from his drive to defeat racist stereotypes and by a sense of competition. “In year 10 [in high school], I was the second highest maths class and I was given the option to move up to the advanced class, but my teacher at the time discouraged me from doing it,” he reflected. “She reckoned I would struggle [based on] all these backwards, racist tropes about Indigenous people.” Though he initially hesitated, his chemistry teacher encouraged him to sign up for the advanced class. “Once I got there, I was like ‘there’s no way in hell I’m going to let these white people beat me’,” he remembers.  He went on…

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