Name: Iva Moss, Northern Arapaho

Discipline: Indigenous STEM Education, Indigenous teacher preparation, Middle School Mathematics

University/Anticipated Year: University of Idaho, Curriculum and Instruction, Fall 2023

Thesis Topic: STEM Principles in Tipi construction

Bio:Iva Moss, Hinono’ei (Arapaho), Wind River Reservation (Wyoming). Iva is married to Michael Redman, they have three children; Michaela (29), Angel (21), Elk (19), and two grandchildren Bebeenisei (7), Nisice Nokei (4). Iva obtained a BS in Elementary Education from the University of Utah (2006), MS in Natural Sciences, emphasis on Middle Level Mathematics from the University of Wyoming (2014), currently a third year PhD student at the University of Idaho, supervising professor Dr. Vanessa Anthony-Stevens. Iva’s research is to identify how Indigenous STEM knowledge is embedded into tipi construction. The identification process of STEM principles within an activity that plains tribal people all know with tipi construction and how the language connects the knowledge to origin stories or cultural practices that help a person travel through their life stages.