Name: C. Bryan Dawson ᏣᎵ ᏓᏐᏂ, Cherokee

Discipline: Theoretical Mathematics

University/Year: University of North Texas, 1992

Current Position: University Professor of Mathematics, Union University

Research Interests:


Bryan Dawson was born in the Texas panhandle and raised in a small town in southeastern Kansas.  After attending nearby Pittsburg (Kansas) State University, he studied functional analysis at the University of North Texas, completing a PhD in 1992.  In 2013 Bryan began working in nonstandard calculus, culminating in the book Calculus Set Free: Infinitesimals to the Rescue, Oxford University Press, , available late 2021 in the UK and early 2022 in the US.  Bryan and his wife Martha, who is also a Cherokee Nation citizen, have three grown children.

A personal story: Some journeys take generations.  My paternal grandfather, born in Indian Territory in 1898, had formal education only through the eighth grade (as did all but one of my grandparents).  He was a sharecropper, leasing the same land year by year for nearly four decades.  Someone once asked him why he never purchased land of his own.  His reply was that if he purchased land he could leave a legacy for one of his children; if he instead spent that money for college educations, he could leave a legacy for all five of his children.  My father majored in mathematics and then enriched my mathematical education enough as a child to instill a curiosity that led to an academic career.  In addition to passing that legacy on to my own children, it is my privilege as a professor to help other families build their legacies.  What a blessing!