Name: Alicia Cruz Aguon, Chamorro/CHamoru

Discipline: Mathematics Education

University/Year: The Union Institute & University, 2003

Current Position: Dean / Associate Professor of Mathematics, University of Guam

Research Interests:


Alicia Cruz Aguon, Ph.D. is currently the Dean of the School of Education (SOE) at the University of Guam since July 2018. Prior to joining SOE, she was an Associate Professor of Mathematics in the Division of Mathematical Sciences of the College of Natural and Applied Sciences (CNAS) for 21 years, and then became the Interim Associate Dean of CNAS for 4 years. She earned her Ph.D. in Mathematics Education and her higher education work experience included research (technical and grant publications), teaching (undergraduate coursework, credit bearing graduate professional development courses, in-service workshops) and service activities locally and in the region. She was awarded the 2000 Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching/CASE Guam Professor of the Year, has experience in teaching P14 mathematics for meaningful understanding, has the mathematical pedagogical content knowledge for P14 teaching and learning, taught 7 years in middle and high school, and taught 21 years at the post-secondary level. Dr. Aguon is interested in continuing research to focus on mathematics teaching and learning and mathematics curriculum. 

Dr. Aguon is an indigenous CHamoru/CHamorro originally from Guam with family roots in the Northern Mariana Islands, attended K-12 private and public schools in Guam, grew up with the CHamoru/CHamorro language and culture, and speaks English and CHamoru.